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korean’s clearly know a thing or two when it comes to preserving your skin. it was a daunting thought to go from the usual 3-step regime to 10. however, after reading all the compelling evidence and rave reviews, i decided it was time to load up my amazon cart with korean skincare products and give this 10-step program a spin (which was actually a nice relief to my bank account as these products are typically cheaper).


here’s a condensed versh of what you need to know…

step 1: oil cleanser
to properly remove makeup start with an oil cleanser. Rylie swears by it and I’m now a converted believer (see post and vid on that here).

step 2: foam cleanser
that’s right, double up on the cleansing front. apply to wet skin in a circular motion to create foam. this really gives your skin a nice, clean slate to work with for next steps.

step 3: exfoliator
unclog those pores and your skin will feel like a newborn. incorporate a scrub biweekly, concentrating on the t-zone area (forehead, nose and chin).

step 4: refresher
AKA toner. this step preps the skin allowing the serums to follow to better absorb. it also restores your skin’s pH balance and removes pollutants and any excess residue left behind from your cleanser. apply the refresher onto a cotton pad and gently swipe across the skin.

step 5: essence
according to korean estheticians, this is the most vital part of the routine. using an essence was completely new for me and i will no longer continue without it! it hits the skin on a cellular level, speeding cell turnover rate which makes your skin smooth and bright AF.

step 6: ampoules/serums
layer them up! ampoules, what the hell are they? basically, it’s an essence on steroids. they have higher concentrations of a particular ingredient known as a booster and address issues including hyperpigmentation, brightening, fine lines and acne. great for at night.

step 7: sheet mask
you’ve most likely seen these ghost-like-masks pop up on your snapchat story. this is not for every day use, but rather 2x a week (or more frequently for dry skin). collagen masks or anything containing Vitamin C (anti-aging antioxidant) is what we look for. the reason for this craze? the masks are soaked in powerful ingredients and designed to fit the face perfectly for optimal absorption.

step 8: eye cream
dab don’t rub- this helps to loosen up the fluid that’s trapped under your eyes. also, try a college boosting eye mask, it gives you wings!

step 9: moisturizer
self explanatory. locks in your serums and penetrates the skin with deep moisture.

step 10: night cream (PM) or SPF (AM)
we would all love an uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep but since that is highly unrealistic take advantage of those precious nighttime hours when your skin cells go into overdrive on repair work. for day: apply SPF that will work underneath your CC cream or in lieu of.


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