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skin September 28, 2018

how to become an esthetician in a med spa

let us start by saying, we enjoy every facet of being an esthetician. it’s a rewarding career in an industry that’s constantly evolving. it also happens to be our true passion, and as the saying goes, if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life- we couldn’t agree more. we’re often asked how we got started, so we wanted to share the process and what options you have if you’re considering becoming an esthetician in a med spa…

skin September 25, 2018

HOP APPROVED / @drdennisgross peel pads

chemical > mechanical exfoliation ALWAYS

we never use anything abrasive such as scrubs or a clarisonic as they can be very damaging and are a surefire way to spread bacteria. these non-abrasive peel pads contain a combination of acids that work to remove the rough, surface layer of dead skin cells by dissolving the bonds that hold them together without running the risk of damaging/tearing your skin. they also deliver powerful anti-aging actives & nourish the skin

we exfoliate 2-3x/wk at night post-cleansing. skip toner and follow with your serums. we did a vid on how to use them here

beauty, skin, wellness September 1, 2018

rylie before noon

as a creature of habit, i’m all about consistency, especially when it comes to my routine. in my opinion, the way you start your day sets the tone for how the rest of it will go. here’s the full breakdown of my routine before noon…

skin, treatments August 27, 2018

skin heroes we swear by

being immersed in the beauty industry has exposed us to a lot of products, treatments and techniques. we’ve witnessed our fair share of nonsense, gimmicks and false promises, which is why when we find something that really works, we stick with it and share it with you. although routine and consistency is something we preach, experimenting and trying new things is how you continue to evolve

we promised to be the guinea pigs and only bring you the best of the best, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the skin heroes we swear by based on scientific research, proven results and a great deal of trial & error…

beauty, skin August 20, 2018

HOP approved / ‘the face’ illuminating drops x tan-luxe

i (Brittany) am a self-tanner newbie. before Rylie convinced me this was the best she’s ever found, it had been years since i had a faux bronze. i was very skeptical at first, but once i saw the results for myself, i was hooked. it doesn’t stain sheets or clothes, and the color is perfection. it contains raspberry seed oil, vitamin E and aloe vera to nourish the skin, and the DHA tanning active is eco-cert organic. i also use it on my body in the ‘light/medium’ shade- Rylie prefers the ‘medium/dark’


how to use
-mix 1-3 drops to your usual moisturizer or body lotion and apply evenly to bone dry skin
*make sure to shave & exfoliate before applying*
-wash hands thoroughly after application and avoid feet
*we like to apply in the AM and rinse off late afternoon*
skin July 27, 2018

key ingredients explained

we’ve all heard ingredients like antioxidants, retinol and hyaluronic acid are beneficial for the skin, but what do they actually do? understanding the difference between ingredients and how they affect your skin is critical when it comes to selecting products. also, never make a decision based on a marketing label. always check the ingredient list on the back- they’re listed in descending order starting with the largest amount in the product (usually water) to the least, so if a label promotes having a certain ingredient but it’s listed at the end, then not much of that ingredient is present

we’ve put together a cheatsheet of key ingredients to help you navigate the skincare aisle…

skin July 20, 2018

skincare myth: natural ingredients are better

many people believe (with a passion) that natural, organic skincare is far better for the skin. the truth is, that belief is not based on any scientific validation. while we always stick to buying organic groceries, when it comes to skincare, the same rules don’t apply. in fact, many natural, organic ingredients are actually bad for your skin. just because a product claims to be all-natural or organic, doesn’t mean it’s safe. a certain ingredient might be healthy for your diet, but not effective or safe on your skin…

our take on the topic and what to be aware of…

skin, wellness July 18, 2018

HOP APPROVED / daily cleanse x HUM nutrition

the heavy hitters in this particular supplement are spirulina + chlorella (nature’s most powerful detoxifiers) + zinc (the go-to vitamin for preventing breakouts due to its ability to control inflammation & reduce the effect of bacteria on the skin). it’s an absolute must for anyone suffering from acne or rosacea. brittany swears by its ability to clear her rosacea w/o prescriptions

how to use: take two capsules on empty stomach first thing in the morning. expect results in 4-6 weeks