remember dry brushing?

it’s still a thing. for those of you new to the idea… dry brushing isn’t rocket science, it’s exactly how it sounds: brushing your bod while it’s dry benefits include: lymphatic drainage: this one’s a biggie. our health depends on the immune system. dry brushing stimulates lymph flow, flushing out toxins and excess water from […]

the best way to add hydration to your skin

most people immediately think to moisturize when their skin is feeling tight and dry. however, the purpose of a moisturizer is to retain moisture, not provide it. they’re formulated to create a protective coating over the surface of your skin to prevent water loss and strengthen the lipid barrier your skin gets thirsty just like […]

skin care routine cheat sheet

the Q: does it really matter what order in which you apply your skincare products? the A: YES. layering incorrectly can prevent products from working properly and render them ineffective. for example, applying a cream before a serum would create a barrier, not allowing the serum to penetrate into the skin the rule of thumb […]

the #1 way to effectively remove your makeup

there’s nothing we vouch for more than OIL CLEANSING- we’re still unsure how we ever got all our makeup off without it… the double-cleansing method has been used by korean’s for centuries and here’s the reason behind it: oil cleansing not only breaks down dirt and makeup, but also pulls out whatever impurities are trapped […]