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with over 6 million injections administered yearly, botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment on the market. so, if you’re considering joining the club, you aren’t in this alone.

after watching our vid you may be thinking, WTF is someone with no wrinkles doing getting botox?
answer: prevention. don’t wait until it’s too late. if you take action before those lines have a chance to develop into deep wrinkles, they never will. trust us, your bank account and skin will thank you in the long run.

what to know before taking the plunge…

the cost: approx. $10-$15 a unit (price varies depending on how many units are needed).

prior to treatment: do not take ibuprofen or any other bloodthinning meds. otherwise, you’ll be more prone to bleeding and bruising.

post treatment: no exercise for 24 hours. and above all, do not lay horizontal for at least 4 hours. you do not want botox traveling to other parts of your face, #trust.

what to expect: botox takes a minimum of 3 to 4 days to take effect and for you to see a noticeable difference, so be patient. good things come to those who wait.

we’re not suggesting botox for everyonoe, we simply want to share our experience and hope anyone considering botox finds this helpful.

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