if you suffer from clogged pores and haven’t incorporated a toner into your regime, you might be missing the one product standing between you and clear skin. just like its name suggests, toners are designed to ‘tone’ & even out the skin, controlling dirt & oil build up

why toner is a major power player when it comes to maintaining healthy, glowing skin…

  • maintains your skin’s pH: since our skin is naturally acidic, cleansers can easily throw our pH off balance, leading to an over production of oil. using a toner post-cleansing helps to balance & restore the skin’s pH, keeping excess oil at bay
  • tightens pores: due to its astringent properties, toners help to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores by removing excess oil & dirt buildup
  • soothes & repairs: because of its anti-inflammatory properties, toners help reduce redness and irritation and provide nourishment post-cleansing

basically it’s a must.

hacks for usage…

apply post-cleansing (while your face is still damp BTW)

  • use a spray bottle or hands to apply directly to face, using your hands to press & pat into the skin
  • apply to lips via cotton pad for exfoliation and hydration
  • apply an essence water after toner for extra credit (B swears by this Korean method)