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makeup, skin, wellness May 23, 2017

what’s in our bag

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makeup April 28, 2017

use your beauty blender like a pro

you most likely already have this little miracle worker in your cosmetic bag, but might not be using it to its full potential. this sponge is a staple for all makeup gurus and when used correctly, is the most flawless way to apply your foundation, highlighter and contour.

to ensure you’re using your beauty blender to its full potential, follow the below tricks of the trade…

makeup March 18, 2017

natural plump lip

if you haven’t seen our post on how to achieve plump lips here, we’re all about faux fullness. and when it comes to makeup, there are several tricks to help enhance your natural pout…

makeup February 9, 2017

B’s nude face makeup look

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makeup January 21, 2017

Ry’s everyday makeup

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makeup, skin December 13, 2016

B and Ry’s Stockings

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makeup December 12, 2016

rose gold | gift guide

it’s no secret we crush on anything remotely similar to the color blush…
in that same palate, rose gold has caught major attention in the beauty world. from brushes to products we’ve selected the best gifts to give (or keep- no judgment here) featuring that coveted copper pink

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makeup October 28, 2016

face gloss

game changer: face gloss. start implementing this magic elixir into your daily routine and people will be wondering if you had placenta for breakfast.