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skin May 26, 2017

ingrown hairs: causes & solutions

with swimsuit season in full swing, being well-groomed is of utmost importance. nothing should stand in the way of you wearing that high cut one-piece in a beautiful destination. unfortunately, ingrown hairs can completely ruin a cute bathing suit moment and instantly kill the vibe (pass the surrong)

ingrown’s occur when a strand (or more) of hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin, resulting in an irritating and unsightly red bump. if you haven’t opted for laser hair removal, which you should really consider, here are a few things to consider to help keep those ingrown at bay…

makeup, skin, wellness May 23, 2017

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skin May 16, 2017

wake up with me

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skin May 14, 2017

summer essential: sunscreen

the sun is the #1 cause of aging, accounting for 90% of all visible signs. studies have found that a 2% increase in sun damage can age the face by 3 years (cringe). and if that isn’t enough to scare you, cancer, melasma & hyper-pigmentation are other examples of how the sun will F you over…

skin May 6, 2017

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skin April 30, 2017

the real cause behind acne and how to fight it

acne begins inside the body, eventually making its debut on your skin. while topical products can temporarily treat what’s happening on the surface, they aren’t a permanent fix and won’t address the root of the problem. no matter how great the ingredients are, relying on products alone will only put a band aid on the problem instead of a long term solution…

skin April 22, 2017


oxygen isn’t just for survival, it’s also the key element for maintaining radiant, clear skin. when your pores become clogged with dirt and debris, the amount of oxygen in your skin is significantly reduced, causing bacteria to multiply. when this happens, your immune system responds with inflammation, causing redness and swelling to occur. however, in an oxygen-rich environment, bacteria and fungal infections cannot survive. oxygen stops bacteria from growing, is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and stimulates your body’s natural healing function…

skin April 17, 2017

preventing + treating hormonal acne

if you’re a victim of hormonal or cystic acne, you know how unsightly and painful it can be. these blemishes form deep under the skin, making topical acne treatments ineffective and extractions a waste of time. typically found along the chin and jawline, hormonal acne is caused by hormones changing and stimulating an increase in oil production, which leads to your pores to becoming clogged and a growth in bacteria…

skin April 9, 2017

long story short: glycolic acid

hopefully you’re not still associating the word ‘acid’ with being unnatural. while there are many scary chemicals out there, glycolic acid is not one to fear. it’s derived from sugarcane (so innocent) and works to increase collagen production and hold moisture to the skin. it’s great for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, and overall dullness. in short: it will make you glow.

how it works…

skin March 29, 2017

double cleansing

double cleansing is exactly what it sounds like: washing your face twice. what turned us onto trying it, is that it involves oil cleansing as the initial step before using your cleanser. and as you all know, we are diehard jojoba oil users…