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reviews, skin August 4, 2017

skinstore product haul


skin July 25, 2017

the key to perfect skin

when it comes to having a flawless complexion, you’re at the mercy of your skin’s pH. the human skin is naturally acidic (around 5.5). however, when your pH gets thrown off due to harsh products and becomes alkaline (above 7), it can cause everything from acne, to wrinkles, dry skin, etc. the goal is to keep your skin’s pH at a happy-medium by using the right products

acids that help keep your pH even-keeled…

skin July 21, 2017

86-ing the oil

if you have oily skin, then you’re well aware of how difficult it can be to control. sadly, many products that claim to get rid of oil actually add fuel to the fire. if you’ve tried taking matters into your own hands such as washing your face 1,000x a day, or stripping your skin with harsh, drying ingredients, it only seems to make the problem worse. in the end, it all comes down to understanding what ingredients will truly keep oil production at bay

how to 86 the oil…

skin July 8, 2017

retinol vs. retin-A

what began as a treatment for acne in the 1950’s quickly became one of the leading anti-aging ingredients available today. doctors soon discovered that this powerful ingredient was not only helping clear their patient’s skin, but also reversing signs of aging.

retinol (available over-the-counter) and retin-A (dermatologist prescribed) are both retin based skincare products derived from vitamin A. they work to reduce wrinkles, increase cell turnover, fight acne, boost collagen, and even skin tone. sounds like a dream, right? it is.

when it comes to picking your poison, age, skin type & condition are all factors that help determine which retinoid and percentage strength is right for you…

skin June 24, 2017

the serum edit

no skincare routine is complete without the boost of a serum- consider it the icing to your cake. whether you’re battling a breakout, fighting sings of aging, in need of hydration, or looking to brighten dull skin- there’s a serum suited for the task. serums are highly concentrated products, full of powerful ingredients designed to treat specific skin concerns. they’re the muscle behind any product line and will up the ante of any skincare regime

apply post cleansing & toning. press serum into the skin and allow it to penetrate (we recommend a few minutes) before following up with your moisturizer

pick a focus…

skin June 20, 2017

benefits of using a toner and why it’s a power player in our regime

if you suffer from clogged pores and haven’t incorporated a toner into your regime, you might be missing the one product standing between you and clear skin. just like its name suggests, toners are designed to ‘tone’ & even out the skin, controlling dirt & oil build up

why toner is a major power player when it comes to maintaining healthy, glowing skin…

skin June 18, 2017

microdermabrasion: crystal vs diamond

microdermabrasion: an anti-aging, non-invasive procedure that removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother skin beneath. it also stimulates collagen and elastin production

if you’ve done microdermabrasion or are interested in trying it, here’s what you need to know before your next appt…

hair, skin, wellness June 11, 2017

supplement breakdown

we’ve said it before, and we’re saying again- no matter how free-range, organic, or raw your diet is, supplements are essential for optimal health & wellbeing. they say you are what you eat, which means at times, i (brittany) am a nut-thins cheddar cheese cracker, and rylie, a lemon tart. we know it’s impossible to maintain a perfect diet, which is why we rely heavily on health & beauty supplements, especially for those cheat days.

what we take to keep skin glowing, hair strong & systems flowing…

skin May 26, 2017

ingrown hairs: causes & solutions

with swimsuit season in full swing, being well-groomed is of utmost importance. nothing should stand in the way of you wearing that high cut one-piece in a beautiful destination. unfortunately, ingrown hairs can completely ruin a cute bathing suit moment and instantly kill the vibe (pass the surrong)

ingrown’s occur when a strand (or more) of hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin, resulting in an irritating and unsightly red bump. if you haven’t opted for laser hair removal, which you should really consider, here are a few things to consider to help keep those ingrown at bay…

makeup, skin, wellness May 23, 2017

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