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travel February 3, 2018

Rylie does Mauritius

up until i met my husband, i had no idea this little island in the Indian ocean even existed. although it takes planes, trains and automobiles to get there, it’s well worth the 32 hour journey (no joke). each year we’ve taken different routes- through Dubai, London, Istanbul, etc, so it’s always an adventure. this was my 4th year back, and one thing that always surprises me is that i’ve never come across another American. maybe it’s too far or not enough people know about it (like me), so i’m taking it upon myself to spread the word about this little gem…

travel August 7, 2017

Brittany does mykonos + santorini

hi babes, Brittany here.

whenever Rylie or i travel, we always want to share our experiences with you and give you our version of the ‘lay of the land’ (recommendations, favorite parts, hot spots, etc). just like we love to share our fav products, the best advice on what to do and places to go always comes from a friend thats been 😉

if you follow along on insta story, (@houseofpresevation) you probably noticed I was recently in Greece- my first time! it’s somewhere I’ve always dreamt of going, and it definitely lived up to its picturesque, all-white aesthetic with a pop of blue glory.

my boyfriend and I started in Mykonos and stayed at the Greco Philia Boutique Hotel (hiiiiighly recommend)…