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treatments January 16, 2019

the skinny on laser hair removal

join us in the 21st century where the only way to live is hair-free. laser hair removal (LHR) is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself (or someone else). once you experience life without shaving, stubble, or ingrowns, you’ll never look back. did you know the average woman spends 72 days over the course of her lifetime shaving her legs? that means approximately 1,728 hours. we think you can find a better use of your time

we will always be full disclosure with you and provide education on every service offered at house of preservation, so you know what to expect

my personal experience getting LHR, so you can get a real girls opinion…

treatments December 4, 2018

liquid rhinoplasty – is it safe? answered by a PA

many would argue that one of the first things you notice on someone’s face is their nose. after all, it is front and center. a flaw in your nose can be cute and add character or be considered your greatest insecurity. if it’s the latter, you may be intrigued by the idea of a nose job sans-surgery. you’ve probably seen your fair share of before and afters on instagram, showing hyaluronic acid filler being injected into the nose to temporarily alter its shape. it’s often advertised as quick and easy, but this is not a treatment to be taken lightly. yes, the results can be a game changer, but they can also go seriously wrong if not done properly by an experienced professional

we’re picking the brain of, Courtney Dunavant, a physician’s assistant with over 12 years of plastic surgery and injecting experience…

skin, treatments August 27, 2018

skin heroes we swear by

being immersed in the beauty industry has exposed us to a lot of products, treatments and techniques. we’ve witnessed our fair share of nonsense, gimmicks and false promises, which is why when we find something that really works, we stick with it and share it with you. although routine and consistency is something we preach, experimenting and trying new things is how you continue to evolve

we promised to be the guinea pigs and only bring you the best of the best, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the skin heroes we swear by based on scientific research, proven results and a great deal of trial & error…

skin, treatments July 6, 2018

how to deal with hormonal acne

i’ve tried writing this post at least a dozen times. it’s such a vast topic that’s still evolving for me. balancing hormonal acne is something that takes trial & error. as someone who never dealt with teen acne, i suddenly began having breakouts that would reappear every month in the same place, usually consisting of 2-3 along the chin. while my case was not severe, it was still a struggle and not one i was familiar with. the worst part is that they would linger, giving me maybe one cyst-free week a month. thankfully, i’ve gotten to a place where i rarely have a cystic breakout and when i do, it’s much less severe and gone in a few days

here’s what i’ve learned… 

treatments June 22, 2018

botox and filler: what’s the diff?

neurotoxins (botox & dysport) and dermal fillers (juvederm & restylane) are both wildly popular for the prevention and treatment of facial aging. however, they’re very different when it comes to how they work and what areas they treat…

skin, treatments June 5, 2018

how to fade acne marks & scars as quick as possible

you’ve finally won the battle of the blemish and are now left with a battle wound in the form of a red or brown mark, or worse, scarring. we’re often asked by clients, “what’s the quickest and safest way to treat acne scars and discoloration?” but before we get into that, let’s start by understanding what you’re dealing with…

skin, treatments April 5, 2018

is microneedling safe to do at home?

microneedling is an old school treatment that’s recognized as one of the most beneficial anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments out there, giving anyone with acne scars, large pores, and stretch marks, a glimmer of hope. personally, we LOVE to perform this treatment on clients and are often asked if it’s safe to do at home (with a device known as a dermaroller). while we’re always looking for cost/time efficient methods that can be done safely at home (such as face shaving), this is not one of them. before becoming medical aestheticians, we tried the at-home method and cringe at the very thought of the damage we might have done! at the time, we didn’t have the proper education and understanding of how both methods work, so allow us to break it down for you…

the facts…

skin, treatments April 2, 2018

how I got my rosacea under control w/o prescriptions

it flares up out of nowhere… those tiny red and bumps haunting my highlighted cheekbones. i’ve been a victim of rosacea for years now and my search for the cure is constant. however, i’ve made some serious strides in reducing the redness by avoiding common triggers and implementing the right products & treatments into my regime

after speaking with some friends and derms in the industry, i decided to opt out of using topical prescriptions & antibiotics for personal reasons. with that being said, if you find your rosacea to be unmanageable, antibiotics might be your best option to clear it up (usually in 1-2 months) and then work on maintaining it. rosacea is a chronic skin condition and requires lifestyle & skincare changes to prevent future flare-ups

how i got my rosacea under control w/o prescriptions…

skin, treatments March 17, 2018

everything you need to know about a photofacial

as an aesthetician, when i think back to my adolescent years of not just tanning, but BAKING in the sun, i cringe. the thought of branding myself with that playboy bunny sticker is truly disturbing. i had no idea the damage i was doing at the time would one day come back to haunt me…

fast-forward to present day where i’m now paying for it. sun damage, AKA hyper-pigmentation, is my biggest skin battle. fortunately, while i was in school to become a laser technician, i learned that most of the damage i incurred could be reversed! in fact, the majority of corrections done with lasers are due to sun damage

we’re all aware of how much damage the sun can cause, but like cigarettes, a large majority of society keeps coming back for more. personally, i avoid the sun like the plague and apply SPF like i’m on the clock, but the damage i had done needed to be corrected

my photofacial experience…