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skin, treatments March 17, 2018

everything you need to know about a photofacial

as an aesthetician, when i think back to my adolescent years of not just tanning, but BAKING in the sun, i cringe. the thought of branding myself with that playboy bunny sticker is truly disturbing. i had no idea the damage i was doing at the time would one day come back to haunt me…

fast-forward to present day where i’m now paying for it. sun damage, AKA hyper-pigmentation, is my biggest skin battle. thankfully, while i was in school to become a laser technician, i learned most of the damage i incurred could be reversed. in fact, the majority of corrections done with lasers are due to sun damage

we’re all aware of how much harm the sun can cause, but like cigarettes, a large majority of society keeps coming back for more. personally, i avoid the sun like the plague and apply SPF like i’m on the clock, but the damage i had done as a teen needed to be corrected

my photo facial experience…