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wellness February 23, 2017

why we take magnesium

as highly anxious individuals, we’ve found magnesium to be the best natural cure for getting prime r&r. taking magnesium supplements before bed helps reduce cortisol levels, AKA the “stress hormone” that keeps your mind racing at night. it also helps relax your muscles, giving you those xanax feels…

wellness December 23, 2016


AKA seasonal affective disorder. whether it’s a mild case of winter blues or serious seasonal depression, most everyone is affected by those dark and cold winter months…

wellness December 20, 2016

cold-pressed vs. centrifugal

i jumped on the juicing bandwagon during the hype a few years ago and decided to invest in a juicer without knowing there are two VERY distinct types: cold-pressed and centrifugal. i chose the latter and even the name is a downer. let me explain so you don’t do the same…

wellness November 27, 2016

hangover Rx

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wellness November 16, 2016

how to use a jade roller

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