while we’re usually loud and proud with our tips, this one requires slightly more discretion… don’t get us wrong, we shower daily, but more often than not we leave out the hair part. shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils causing it to become dry and damaged. preserving your natural oils is what keeps your hair soft, strong and protected. so, if you want to keep those locks in optimal condition, it’s paramount to stretch as much time as possible between washes.

while we’re not suggesting you walk around looking like britany spears at a gas station (or really anywhere) in 2007, we are suggesting you make the most out of each wash. after trial and error, we’re now proudly going 7 days strong between shampoos.

here are a few survival tactics for training your hair to last a full week…

clarifying shampoo: not to be used every week, but once or twice a month replace your reg shampoo with a clarifying one like purology’s purify shampoo or dp hue clarifying shampoo. majority of damage and stunt of hair growth is caused by product buildup. clean up house on that scalp and you’ll be like brand fucking new.

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conditioner: apply only on ends to keep scalp from becoming greasy. start halfway down to end of roots. this is where your hair needs the most TLC. invest in a deep condish like oribe’s gold lust repair & restore to reduce breakage and fortify those tresses.

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dry shampoo: try to wait until your last leg of the wash cycle before using. dry shampoo works to absorb oil and remove buildup and odor. it also adds volume and texture back to those oily locks. we suggest moroccan oil dry shampoo for both light tones & dark tones. see our dry shamp vid for how to properly apply.

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low bun or pony: whenever possible, wear your hair up. keeping hair out of your face and away from your fingers will prolong its freshness. B swears by a low bun to keep natural waves intact, while Ry usually opts for a pony to keep straight hair sleek.