falling in love tends to happen much quicker than falling out of love…

in our experience, it’s a process. we learn a lot about ourselves and grow substantially both during and after a relationship.

having both left 3-4 year relationships in our time, we sat down and thought of the “steps” to keeping your shit together during one of life’s most beautiful challenges…

step #1: the ending. give your partner the respect of an in-person notice and have a mutual discussion on how to part ways.

step #2: feel. this is your time to reflect, absorb, and watch every episode of sex and the city (trust).

step #3: don’t let bitterness get the best of you. speak highly of your ex or at least avoid airing their dirty laundry. remember, what you say about them reflects mostly on you. trash talking is never a good look.

step #4: space. don’t risk second guessing your decision or being caught up in your ex’s uncertainty. rip the bandaid off and don’t look back.

step #5: therapy. your friends and fam will try to relate through their own experience. love them for it, but this is a job better suited for a pro.

step #6: no sides. keep your mutual friends at ease and out of the crossfire. there is no winner in this.

step #7: social media. posting about your new relationship status is disrespectful, immature and quite frankly, desperate.

step #8: secrets. anything told in confidence. should remain as such. no one likes a traitor.

step #9: workout. get your ass into the best shape of your life. revenge bod is the best bod.

step #10: get a hobby. keeping yourself busy will do wonders for anxiety and bring you new energy.

step #11: take your time. there’s no rulebook on how long you need to recover. when you’re ready, you’re ready. just continue pressing forward and don’t look back.

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