sometimes it seems the world is working against us when it comes to our skin. we could be eating flawlessly and honoring our skincare routine but somehow still encounter the occasional breakout…
the most efficient spot-treatment we’ve found for these little bastards is sulfur. if you catch the blemish quick, it will completely clear it up overnight.

sulfur works its magic by killing acne bacteria and shedding the very top layers of the skin. it exfoliates and deep cleans pores but be forewarned: this shit is no joke and def too harsh to use all over.

how to useā€¦

after finishing your regular nighttime routine, use a damp corner of a microfiber cloth to clean and remove product from blemish site

apply a thick layer of the sulfur mask directly to spots

hit the sheets and allow the sulfur to do its job

peel off spot-treatment in the AM and celebrate your blemish-free skin

disclaimer: this will not help with cystic/hormonal acne breakouts. read our post here on how to get that under control.

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