one of the most common complaints we hear from clients is, “my skin just looks dull.” while there are many contributing factors as to why your skin has lost its luster, one of the biggest reasons is due to lack of exfoliation. as you age, your cell turnover rate slows down, causing dead skin cells to accumulate on the surface, which results in a dull, lifeless complexion

our staple glow-giving products that will bring your skin back to life…

dr. dennis gross peel pads: chemical > mechanical exfoliation ALWAYS. we never use anything abrasive such as scrubs or a clarisonic to exfoliate as they can be very damaging and are a surefire way to spread bacteria. these non-abrasive peel pads contain a combination of acids that work to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells by dissolving the bonds that hold them together without running the risk of damaging/tearing your skin. they also deliver powerful anti-aging actives and nourish the skin. see vid on how to use: here

antioxidant serum: environmental aggressors such as pollution, smoke, and the sun, can wreak serious havoc on your skin. pollutants rob your skin cells of oxygen, causing it to look dull and grimy. they also increase the number of free radicals in the air, which leads to collagen & elastin breakdown- AKA accelerated aging. antioxidants, particularly vitamin C & E, are your skin’s greatest defense mechanism against free radical damage

retinoids (retinol/retin-A): promote faster cell turnover, stimulating the production of fresh, new skin cells and encouraging aging/damaged cells to speed up their renewal process, which helps fade discoloration and resurface the skin’s texture for a smooth, even-toned complexion. however, they’re not designed for the faint-of-heart, so make sure you’re educated on how to use them before jumping the gun. you can  see a great explanation of what retinol is here as well as a vid on how to apply: here