your hair is your crown and glory and should be treated as such. if you aren’t investing in the right products, your subjecting those fragile strands to a world of damage. through many years of trial and error, I’ve found these 3 products to be my saving grace. they’ve brought my hair back from bleach damage, using too much heat and *gasp* chemically straightening my hair circa 2012…

when you think you’re past the point of no return, pull out these bad boys…

#1 Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask– if you’re hair is in need of some serious TLC, then look no further. this mask has brought my mane out of the worst of times. it works to repair damage by infusing protein back into the hair and rebuild its strength from the inside out.

how to use: after shampooing, apply from root to tip and let sit for a minimum of 10 min. rinse and follow with conditioner to seal it in.

#2 Moroccan Oil Light Serum– cannot go anywhere without this item. my hair would look like a hot mess if i wasn’t heavily coating it with Moroccan oil. it detangles, reduces frizz and adds shine. it’s infused with argon oil, vitamin e and fatty acids to hydrate the hair and seal in moisture.

how to use: after showering, apply to damp hair to help detangle. use again after blow-drying for added shine.

#3 Oribe Split End Seal– as you all know, the ends of your hair need the most love & affection. after all, they’ve survived the longest. it’s imperative to invest in a split end treatment if you want your hair to continue to grow. Oribe’s split end seal is shown to repair 94% of split ends after just one use, and I can say it’s a huge reason my hair is as long as it is.

how to use: after showering, massage into damp hair working from mid-shaft to ends.

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