HOP APPROVED / eye cream edition

it would be remise to not to mention that there isn’t an eye cream out there that will do for you what botox & filler will. even the best of its kind won’t erase wrinkles or make your under eye bags disappear, but here’s what it will do…

provide hydration & restore the skin’s barrier. lack of moisture causes wrinkles and premature aging. it’s also one of the reasons your concealer gets cakey and doesn’t layer properly. a good eye cream is a definite must in any routine. in fact, we suggest two: one for AM and one for PM…

AM: dermalogica stress positive eye life: this one contains hyaluronic acid, wild indigo seed and arctic algae to brighten, energize and hydrate the under eye. it also has a cooling massage applicator which is refreshing and great for calming down the morning puff

PM: dr. dennis gross ferulic + retinol: any product that contains retinol must be used at night and only under the eye- not on brow bone or lid. It helps retexture the skin and provides anti-aging benefits for younger looking eyes. it’s also great for milia (those tiny bumps under the skin a lot of us suffer from). back off if you experience redness or flakiness at any point

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