how I got my rosacea under control w/o prescriptions

it flares up out of nowhere… those tiny red and bumps haunting my highlighted cheekbones. i’ve been a victim of rosacea for years now and my search for the cure is constant. however, i’ve made some serious strides in reducing the redness by avoiding common triggers and implementing the right products & treatments into my regime

after speaking with some friends and derms in the industry, i decided to opt out of using topical prescriptions & antibiotics for personal reasons. with that being said, if you find your rosacea to be unmanageable, antibiotics might be your best option to clear it up (usually in 1-2 months) and then work on maintaining it. rosacea is a chronic skin condition and requires lifestyle & skincare changes to prevent future flare-ups

how i got my rosacea under control w/o prescriptions…

avoiding common triggers

overheating: rosacea loves to make its debut when you’re overheated. try placing a frozen water bottle on your neck during workouts or an ice cold washcloth to control the flush. i love using my ice roller at home

stress & anxiety: for rosacea sufferers, when you’re under stress, it’s evident on your skin. i fully rely on essential oils and exercise to help relax the mind

alcohol & hot beverages: can seriously aggravate rosacea, so choose your liquids wisely

harsh products: rosacea suffers tend to have extra sensitive skin, so it’s time for process of elimination. if you start noticing increased irritation after use of a product, eliminate

sun exposure: another good reason to wear SPF daily

skincare & treatments

photofacials: i’ve had 5 photofacial treatments and have seen a dramatic improvement in the broken blood vessels that cause redness in rosacea. however, the treatment must be repeated to maintain the results. we recommend an initial series of 3, followed by a maintenance treatment every few months on an as-needed basis. you can read more about my photofacial experience here

lactic acid: when it comes to exfoliating, not everyone with rosacea can tolerate AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids). for some, it may increase your redness depending on your skin’s sensitivity. for me, lactic acid has helped reduce breakouts and is more gentle than glycolic (also an AHA). i have not done a professional strength lactic acid peel, but i incorporate it into my skincare routine. currently, i’m using the hydropeptide pre-treamtment toner & Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads 2x/wk. if my skin is feeling extra sensitive, i always back off. listen to your skin


tea tree oil: at first, i was mixing avene fort relief concentrate cream + tea tree oil together and applying them directly to the affected areas- this worked! now, i’ve started using sunday riley’s UFO oil which has tea tree in it. this facial oil has shown the most success out of any other product i’ve tried! *save it for last, applying it on top of your moisturizer and avene cream (see below)*


avene fort relief concentrate: trust me, if you take away one thing from this post, it’s that you need avene fort relief concentrate cream. it’s designed to reduce redness associated with rosacea & hypersensitive skin. its key ingredient is ruscus extract, which works to increase microcirculation, improving the appearance of blood vessels *i only use this on wings, nose and cheeks*


supplements: big fan. i take quite a few pills and powders on a daily basis, but the ones i feel have contributed the most in clearing my skin are collagen supplements, daily cleanse vitamins and tocos by sun position


clear and brilliant: i’ve only had one treatment done, but was pleasantly surprised by the results. during my training, the laser rep mentioned he had seen a major redness reduction in rosacea patients. i was initially hesitant, but down to try anything that would help, so i had it done right then and there. i had the most insane glow my skin has ever seen and a clean slate one week post-treatment. the rosacea did make a return, but it’s much more mild and manageable


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