while it can be a very painful process, it’s definitely worth the wait. a bolder brow doesn’t come overnight (or in any sort of short period of time for that matter), but brooke shield’s brows are reason enough to make it to the finish line…

rule #1: don’t tweeze. don’t wax. don’t thread. literally do nothing for as long as mentally and emotionally possible. if you’re starting to feel like Frida Kahlo, you’re heading in the right direction. *however, we do like to give ours a trim every so often to keep the hair standing up straight

rule #2: take a hair supplement as mentioned in our 5 tips for making your hair grow faster post. PHYTOPHANÈRE fortifying capsules are the shit

rule #3: apply castor oil to your brows before bed. the abundance of fatty acids, proteins and vitamins not only stimulates hair growth, but also nourishes the hair follicle. it’s one of the best natural treatments and works by deeply penetrating under the skin to thicken and strengthen the hair *be sure to use pure, cold-pressed castor oil, massaging for 2-3 minutes after applying

rule #4: use a brow enhancing serum/conditioner like the one x the brow guru herself, anastasia beverly hills, or revitabrow. they’re full of peptides, vitamins and botanical extracts, which helps to condition and speed up the growth process. use both AM and PM for optimal results

rule #5: use a gentle hand when filling in your brows. hair follicles are very fragile, and can fall out easily AKA back to square one

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