brightening products have officially become mainstream. everyone is obsessed with achieving that luminous glow. they not only work to brighten the skin, but are also an effective treatment for hyper pigmentation. whether you suffer from discoloration due to sun exposure, melasma, or have a naturally uneven skin tone, brightening products are in your corner…

what is hyper pigmentation?

hyper pigmentation by definition is caused when melanin is overproduced in certain spots on the skin, causing them to look darker than your natural skin tone. (it also causes that not so flattering upper lip shadow resembling a mustache)

common causes…

-overexposure from the sun (guilty)
-birth control, hormones or pregnancy
-thyroid imbalance
-the result of that monster pimple you just couldn’t let be

how to prevent…

-avoid the sun and always. wear. sunscreen.
-don’t pick. tempting, we know, but seriously leave that shit alone. sleep with a sulfur spot treatment overnight to speed up the process.

how to treat…

-retinol cream (read our post here for the 411)
-antioxidants such as vitamin c
-brightening serums such as this one we swear by
-lightening spot treatments *do not use on entire face as this is specifically designed to bleach darker areas
-lasers: fraxel, photo facial and clear + brilliant are the most common. be forewarned that this requires discipline post treatment. the smallest amount of exposure to sun afterwards will bring it back full force and then some.