ever wondered why your skin gets dry, flaky, itchy, or irritated? these are common signs of a damaged barrier function… picture a brick wall. the dead skin cells on the outermost layer are the bricks, and the cement holding them together are the lipids. the lipids are designed to prevent water loss from the skin, maintaining its hydration and firmness. healthy skin is like a brick wall with no cracks or holes. if there are any cracks in the brick wall, what happens? leakage. same goes for the skin. when the lipids are damaged, water escapes causing it to become vulnerable to irritants like pollution, chemicals, bacteria, etc. as we age, the number of lipids naturally decrease, which is why we’re more prone to developing dry skin AKA water loss. so, if you’re wondering what could be the culprit behind your irritated skin condition, a weakened barrier function is a very likely suspect.

how to strengthen your barrier function…

-don’t exfoliate too often, it can strip those precious lipids from the skin *remember, longer not harder when exfoliating!
-repair with ingredients that help replace lipids that are lost
-protect with an antioxidant serum in the daytime
-take omega-3 fatty acid supplements
-implement a face oil in your routine, this helps repair the damage by filling in the cracks