makeup August 16, 2017

mastering blush

to blush, or not to blush: that is the question. while it might seem like such a simple task, it can easily make or break your look, causing many to steer clear of the application altogether. unfortunately, most of us were told all our life to apply blush to the apples of our cheeks while smiling, however, this is the BIGGEST mistake you can make. think about it… when you smile your cheeks go up, but once that smile drops, so does the blush. and when blush is too far down, it ages your face- never a good look

however, if you apply blush the right way, it’s a total game changer. blush warms up your complexion, makes you look younger & can even create the illusion of cheek bones. it all boils down to selecting the right shade for your skin tone, knowing where to apply, & not having a heavy hand

how to select the right shade…

makeup August 14, 2017

makeup brush guide: the basics

with so many different makeup brushes to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth investing in. trying to put a staple collection together can be overwhelming, so we don’t judge you for using your mac 239 to apply concealer (but stop)

makeup brushes are designed to target certain areas of the face, so if you choose one that’s the wrong size or shape, the product won’t be applied to the sweet spots. bottom line: you don’t need to become a brush hoarder, you just need to know the right brushes to collect and how to use them

here are our favorite must-have basics…


skin August 8, 2017

how to choose the right face mist for your skin type

choosing a face mist that’s right for you comes down to two categories: skin type and purpose. weather you’re searching for something to keep your makeup looking fresh, seeking midday hydration, or wanting to balance your skin’s pH, there’s a face mist suited for the task


we’ve done the due diligence & broken down the best mist for each sitch…


reviews August 7, 2017

Brittany does mykonos + santorini

hi babes, Brittany here.

whenever Rylie or i travel, we always want to share our experiences with you and give you our version of the ‘lay of the land’ (recommendations, favorite parts, hot spots, etc). just like we love to share our fav products, the best advice on what to do and places to go always comes from a friend thats been 😉

if you follow along on insta story, (@houseofpresevation) you probably noticed I was recently in Greece- my first time! it’s somewhere I’ve always dreamt of going, and it definitely lived up to its picturesque, all-white aesthetic with a pop of blue glory.

my boyfriend and I started in Mykonos and stayed at the Greco Philia Boutique Hotel (hiiiiighly recommend)…

reviews, skin August 4, 2017

skinstore product haul


skin July 25, 2017

the key to perfect skin

when it comes to having a flawless complexion, you’re at the mercy of your skin’s pH. the human skin is naturally acidic (around 5.5). however, when your pH gets thrown off due to harsh products and becomes alkaline (above 7), it can cause everything from acne, to wrinkles, dry skin, etc. the goal is to keep your skin’s pH at a happy-medium by using the right products

acids that help keep your pH even-keeled…

skin July 21, 2017

86-ing the oil

if you have oily skin, then you’re well aware of how difficult it can be to control. sadly, many products that claim to get rid of oil actually add fuel to the fire. if you’ve tried taking matters into your own hands such as washing your face 1,000x a day, or stripping your skin with harsh, drying ingredients, it only seems to make the problem worse. in the end, it all comes down to understanding what ingredients will truly keep oil production at bay

how to 86 the oil…

makeup July 19, 2017

scent of a woman

the linger of a women’s personal fragrance is a powerful thing. scents can trigger memories and emotions (we all remember that adolescent perfume that takes us back to making out in movie theaters). but most importantly, a fragrance should be something that reminds people of you and becomes your essence. thus, the quest to find the right potion that gives ‘all the feels’ is an ever-evolving task

our current scents…

makeup July 18, 2017

glow essentials

while you may not wake up with a fresh-faced, dewy complexion, there’s nothing a highlighter or illuminator can’t fake. they instantly transform dull, tired looking skin in seconds for an instant pick-me-up. trust us, people will tell you you’re looking healthier than ever with this product in your arsenal

our favorites for creating an effortless, subtle glow…

skin July 8, 2017

retinol vs. retin-A

what began as a treatment for acne in the 1950’s quickly became the leading anti-aging product available today. doctors soon discovered that this powerful ingredient was not only helping clear their patient’s skin, but also reversing signs of aging

retinol (available over-the-counter) and retin-A (dermatologist prescribed) are both retinoids derived from vitamin A. they speed up cell renewal, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fight acne, and resurface the skin’s texture for a smooth, even complexion. sounds like a dream, right? it is.

when it comes to picking your poison, age, skin type & condition are all factors that help determine which retinoid and percentage strength is right for you…