skin, treatments June 5, 2018

how to fade acne marks & scars as quick as possible

you’ve finally won the battle of the blemish and are now left with a battle wound in the form of a red or brown mark, or worse, scarring. we’re often asked by clients, “what’s the quickest and safest way to treat acne scars and discoloration?” but before we get into that, let’s start by understanding what you’re dealing with…

beauty June 2, 2018

get ready with us


skin, wellness May 9, 2018

supplements for clear, glowing skin

we’re firm believers that nutrition meets beauty, and taking the right supplements can help clear your skin from the inside out and make you glow from within. we’ve spent time trying several different concoctions to create the perfect recipe for our skin. it’s important to know what your diet is lacking and what you’re deficient in to help determine which supplements are best suited for you. we’re sharing the ones that have personally transformed our skin (in such a way that we need them to function properly) and are also shown to be beneficial for all skin types

*please be patient with your supplements and finish the bottle on a consistent basis before you judge the results*

the top beauty nutrients we recommend for the best version of your skin… 

skin April 30, 2018

how to use face oil by skin type

if you see someone with perpetually glowing skin, odds are they’re using a face oil. we use oils in numerous ways, from cleansing (more on that here), to nourishing our bod, as a primer for makeup, and at night for perfectly hydrated skin the next morning. it’s important to note that oil attracts light and can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun, so we prefer to apply it at night when used as the last step. however, when used during the day, it’s only before makeup and in this order:

oil – SPF – makeup – SPF setting spray…

skin, wellness April 21, 2018

from the neck down

while we constantly talk about how we care for our face, we can’t neglect how we care for our bod. there’s nothing worse than seeing someone with a youthful face, but not the bod to match it. your hands, neck, knees, etc. can all be a dead giveaway for your age, so it’s crucial you’re taking care of your skin as a whole…

how we care for the bod…

skin April 9, 2018

the importance of toner


skin, treatments April 5, 2018

is microneedling safe to do at home?

microneedling is an old school treatment that’s recognized as one of the most beneficial anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments out there, giving anyone with acne scars, large pores, and stretch marks, a glimmer of hope. personally, we LOVE to perform this treatment on clients and are often asked if it’s safe to do at home (with a device known as a dermaroller). while we’re always looking for cost/time efficient methods that can be done safely at home (such as face shaving), this is not one of them. before becoming medical aestheticians, we tried the at-home method and cringe at the very thought of the damage we might have done! at the time, we didn’t have the proper education and understanding of how both methods work, so allow us to break it down for you…

the facts…

skin, treatments April 2, 2018

how I got my rosacea under control w/o prescriptions

it flares up out of nowhere… those tiny red and bumps haunting my highlighted cheekbones. i’ve been a victim of rosacea for years now and my search for the cure is constant. however, i’ve made some serious strides in reducing the redness by avoiding common triggers and implementing the right products & treatments into my regime

after speaking with some friends and derms in the industry, i decided to opt out of using topical prescriptions & antibiotics for personal reasons. with that being said, if you find your rosacea to be unmanageable, antibiotics might be your best option to clear it up (usually in 1-2 months) and then work on maintaining it. rosacea is a chronic skin condition and requires lifestyle & skincare changes to prevent future flare-ups

how i got my rosacea under control w/o prescriptions…

beauty, skin March 26, 2018

how to avoid makeup harming your skin

if you’ve ever bumped into either of us on an average day, we’re typically wearing little to no makeup. that may sound obnoxious, but it took us some time to get here. while it’s our goal for every client to get to a place where they feel comfortable enough to walk out the door with only tinted SPF, we understand it takes baby steps. we often hear clients say, “i could never go out in public without makeup, that would scare people!” the fact is, if you go to work with a full face of makeup sitting on your skin for 8-10 hours a day, it’s bound to cause damage

here are the steps we took to achieve makeup-free skin…

skin March 22, 2018

the difference between oil and water-based skincare products

oil is making big moves in skincare, but is it worth the hype? considering we use it in everything from cleansing to sealing in moisture, we vote YES. however, we’re not suggesting you replace your water-based products with oil-based ones. after all, water is the ultimate hydrator and essential for ALL skin types

when it comes to maintaining a flawless complexion, water and oil go hand-in-hand. water is what keeps your skin soft and plump, but it won’t stay that way if there’s no oil to protect it from evaporating, so you need both to stay balanced. remember: because oil and water don’t mix, water can’t get through a layer of oil, which is why moisturizers/oil-based products should always be layered on top of hydrating/water-based products to seal them in

how to tell the difference between oil and water-based products