a process you should probably consider critiquing is your pre/post shower routine.
it wasn’t until recently that we checked ourselves and thought consciously about WTF we were doing. we aren’t here to tell you how to live, but if your avg shower time exceeds 10 minutes then this is for you, babe. you know when your hands start to prune? that’s basically your bod sending you a neon sign that you’re losing moisture.

tips for the taking…

#1- before you turn off that noz, blast water on cold for 30 seconds. the body’s shock to cold water increases oxygen and circulation. It also helps with stress, immune system and fat burning, and works wonders when hungover #trust.

#2- lightly pat dry. do.not.rub. and if you’re brave enough, 86 the towel altogether.

#3- while the skin is still damp, apply a body oil. more on body oil here

#4- finally, lock it all in with a body moisturizer like this one (not only does it firm, but smells divine).