it’s all about finding that balance between aging gracefully while simultaneously being able to look 3-5 years younger than we actually are…

gravity will have its way with all of us overtime, but there are a few tell-tale areas to start focusing on more intently before serious aging signs start settling in.

the body parts that betray your age first…

hands: hands are the number one age giveaway. it’s imperative to always apply sunscreen to the backs of your hands in addition to a good hand cream at least once a day (particularly at night) to prevent brown spots and loss of volume AKA veins becoming more prominent.

face: if you’ve spent time in the sun, it’s only a matter of time before cringe-worthy age spots start making their debut. strike back by lightening those dark spots with a brightening serum.

eyes: first come the fine lines, then the sag. don’t let tired eyes give away your age or worse, make you look older. invest in an eye cream containing peptides to tighten and boost collagen production.

neck: because the skin is thinner on the neck and usually gets more exposure to the sun than the face, it’s critical not to neglect this area. your neck/décolleté need extra TLC in order to slow the aging process. apply a rich creme in sweeping upward motions before bed to firm, tighten and reduce creases.

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