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2 new ingredients I’ve added to my rosacea skincare routine

if you suffer from rosacea, hi, hello, i am here for you. it’s been a battle of mine for years now. sometimes people roll their eyes when i vent. for the most part, i’m in a really good place when it comes to controlling my rosacea but i still have my DAYS. i wrote a post in the past where i really breakdown the things i rely on to *this day* to keep my skin from flaring up and acting insane (you can click here for that post)

 now, i’m updating that list with 2 new ingredients i’ve incorporated into my routine that have been a game-changer for my rosacea…

azelaic acid: an exfoliating acid that’s produced naturally on your skin by your own yeast but can also be produced in a lab. it’s anti-inflammatory and helps reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin as well as those little red bumps caused by flare ups. it’s one of the least irritating exfoliants, which is why it’s recommended for those with sensitive skin

slightly unrelated to rosacea,  but a benefit none the less, azelaic acid is also “comedolytic” (meaning it prevents comedones which are blackheads (open commode) or whiteheads (closed commode). anyone with acne-prone or rosacea-prone skin can benefit from incorporating this ingredient. it’s also safe while pregnant! *I combine with my moisturizer and apply in the evenings only*

niacinamide: an active form of niacin (also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid). you’ll typically find it in water-based serums as it’s water-soluble. it’s perfect for anyone whose skin hates oils. unlike AHA’s and BHA’s (alpha and beta hydroxy acids), this ingredient is non-acidic and reads neutral on the pH scale, making it non-irritating. if you’re prone to redness, niacinamide is one of the best ingredients you can apply. research shows it also improves your skin’s barrier function, the protective outermost layer of the skin. if you’re unsure if your barrier is compromised, a tell-tale sign is when your skin seems intolerant to most products and stings when you apply them. niacinamide contains molecules that are crucial for allowing skin cells to repair themselves effectively, helping to heal and calm the skin

basically, it’s a miracle ingredient for sensitive skin types. it reduces redness, has antioxidant effects, hydrates the skin, improves it’s natural protective barrier, and helps remove bacteria-causing acne *i use this ingredient in serum form in the evenings*

you may already be using this HOP favorite containing niacinamide: here

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