its been said it takes a minimum of 21 days to create a new habit… this gives the brain time to dissolve the previous situation and jell to a new one.

this story begins with me waking up in a quarter-life crisis, desperate for a change. i needed a release; a way to clear my mind and refocus. i had just finished reading reading the monk who sold his ferrari (highly recommend) and the author, Robin Sharma, spoke adamantly on the importance of yoga. not only for your physical health, but also mentally.

the idea of committing to a workout regime was daunting and i knew it was going to be a challenge. honestly, the thought of going to the gym gave me hives but i was at my breaking point. so, in an attempt to stay fit and sane i vowed to do yoga for 21 days straight.

the short and sweet…

week one: i knew dedicating one hour out of each day was going to be challenging, so i made it a priority to get it on my schedule and carve out time in advance.

week two: i started getting into the groove. my brain shifted from seeing it as a task to realizing it was something i needed in my life. it was becoming a necessity not an option.

week three: the ‘aha’ moment. not only did i see a dramatic improvement in my mood and overall sense of wellbeing, but i felt empowered and disciplined. it’s truly an amazing feeling when you accomplish something you’ve set out to do. a tighter ass and toned core has its perks, but mentally i noticed i had become more present in my day-to-day than ever before.

over two years later, i’m still going strong and try to do at least 30 minutes of yoga a day. its become part of me and part of my routine. it gives me sanity and calmness. it’s my chance to get out of your head, meditate and find mental clarity. basically, it’s my natural form of xanax.

we challenge you to find your habit. find something that calls to you and try it for 21 days straight before you decide if you love or hate.

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photos taken in Canggu, Bali at desa seni (a must for yoga) 

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