while it’s a no-brainer to always apply SPF before heading outdoors, it might become less effective if you’re making these 3 common mistakes…
first & most common:
mixing it with other products. the moment you mix your SPF with other products, you’re diluting the original fomula so that the same level of protection is no longer guaranteed
applying face oil. oil is designed to break down products, which is why we use it to remove our makeup! although it does offer a luminous fake-it-till-you-make-it glow, save the application for evenings. not to mention- the days of baking in oil with tin foil days are long gone, so just remember the damage that era caused
not letting your SPF dry. before moving on to makeup, make sure that your sunscreen isn’t at risk of being beauty blended and whirled around causing it to smear and be removed from certain areas