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a little life update

As the year comes to an end and our first anniversary approaches we are reflecting on our plans for the year to come. We always want to be candid and share a little life update with you…

The first year of business was equal parts terrifying and thrilling. Once the doors physically opened the fear quickly went away but the pressure followed suit. The biggest blessing we could ask for was the response we received. It was more than we could have dreamt! With that came this feeling of pressure (not in a bad way) just in a new way for two girls who are completely self taught when it comes to owning a brick & mortar. We constantly are thinking of ways to evolve, to enhance the experience, to deliver the BEST service, to educate and follow through when we say you are always in the hands of someone you can trust. We personally feel responsible for every client that walks through the day.

We have been so fortunate to surround ourselves with a team of talented professionals in every sense.

Now that we have our first year under our belt and better systems in place. We plan to focus more on the blog (our roots) in the new year. Bringing you lots of posts & videos!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2019. We sincerely couldn’t do it without you. 💛

Let us know below what you would like to see more of on the blog!!


Brittany & Rylie

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