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acne & antioxidants

acne begins inside the body, eventually making its debut on your skin. while topical products can temporarily treat what’s happening on the surface, they aren’t a permanent fix and won’t address the root of the problem. no matter how great the ingredients are, relying on products alone will only put a band-aid on the problem instead of a long term solution…

so what’s the root of the problem? answer: sebum oxidation

oxidation is what happens when free radicals start attacking our skin. have you ever seen a banana or apple turn brown? you’re seeing oxidation take place. unfortunately, when oxidation happens to our sebum (the natural oil produced by our skin), it triggers a massive increase in oil production, leading to clogged pores and lack of oxygen. and when our pores are deprived of oxygen, our skin becomes a breeding ground for bacteria

how do we fight sebum oxidation? answer: antioxidants

the primary job of antioxidants is to prevent oxidation caused by free radicals. they’re our bodies most powerful weapon when it comes to anti-aging and maintaining clear skin. when you aren’t applying them to your skin or getting enough of them in your diet, it’s like heading to battle without armor. whenever our bodies sense sebum oxidation on the horizon, they signal a supply of antioxidants, particularly vitamin e, to the rescue. however, if you don’t have an army of antioxidants waiting on standby, your skin is left defenseless

make sure you’re replenishing your supply of antioxidants daily with supplementation, the right diet, and topical serums

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