how to deal with blackheads

let us start by saying, you’re not alone in this struggle. no matter what your skin type, everyone deals with blackheads. whether it’s due to hormonal changes, excess oil, or lack of exfoliation, pores are destined to become clogged at some point…

how to fade acne marks & scars as quick as possible

you’ve finally won the battle of the blemish but are now left with a post-battle wound in the form of a red or brown mark, or worse, scarring. we’re often asked by clients, “what’s the quickest and safest way to treat acne scars and discoloration?” but before we get into that, let’s start by understanding […]

the difference between oil and water-based skincare products

oil is making big moves in skincare, but is it worth the hype? considering we use it in everything from cleansing to sealing in moisture, we vote YES. however, we’re not suggesting you replace your water-based products with oil-based ones. after all, water is the ultimate hydrator and essential for ALL skin types when it […]

do you really need an eye cream?

whenever we do one-on-one skincare consultations we’re often asked “is an eye cream necessary”? many assume it’s merely a marketing ploy, which we’re the first to call out when that’s the case (shame on labels that read ‘use daily’ when it’s only meant to be used only once a week). however, using an eye cream […]