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supplement breakdown

we’ve said it before, and we’re saying again- no matter how free-range, organic, or raw your diet is, supplements are essential for optimal health & wellbeing. they say you are what you eat, which means at times, i (brittany) am a nut-thins cheddar cheese cracker, and rylie, a lemon tart. we know it’s impossible to maintain a perfect diet, which is why we rely heavily on health & beauty supplements, especially for those cheat days.

what we take to keep skin glowing, hair strong & systems flowing…

for anti-aging: collagen

taking a collagen supplement is paramount if you’re over 25. as we age, our collagen production slows down (stopping altogether in our 40’s). supplementing collagen into our diet helps slow down the clock and improve firmness, suppleness & elasticity of the skin. it has also helped tremendously with hormonal acne.

for moody moments: vitamin D3

if you’re being a good girl (or boy) and staying out of the sun, you’re probably deficient in vitamin D, which is very common BTW (only a small percentage of foods contain it). it’s ideal for maintaining a balanced emotional state and also beneficial for bones & teeth.

for healthy hair: OUAI dry hair

already a devote user of OUAI wave & texturizing spray, their new hair supplements do not disappoint. best part, you can choose between ‘dry,’ ‘thin’ & ‘oily,’ targeting your specific needs, which is pretty f-ing cool.

for digestion: magnesium

since starting this supplement i’ve never looked back and i’ve NEVER missed daily dose. take these at night before bed to relax your muscles, calm nerves & help you sleep. we would be remiss not to admit that it keeps your digestive system in serious check. helps with constipation and gets things moving by morning.

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