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how to choose the right face mist for your skin type

choosing a face mist that’s right for you comes down to two categories: skin type and purpose. weather you’re searching for something to keep your makeup looking fresh, seeking midday hydration, or wanting to balance your skin’s pH, there’s a face mist suited for the task


we’ve done the due diligence & broken down the best mist for each sitch…


for dry skin: rose hibiscus coconut water
this mist instantly revitalizes our skin. the hibiscus flower is a natural exfoliant and helps remove the old layer of dead skin cells off the surface. it also contains coconut and aloe leaf to provide hydration & nourishment. use after cleansing and before applying your moisturizer
for sensitive skin: caudalie grape water
this mist is made directly from 100% organic grapes, a key ingredient for targeting redness and sensitivity. it works to both calm the skin and also increase hydration. this is a great for on-the-go and we love to use post-workout
for oily/acne-prone skin: boscia clear complexion tonic
if your focus is unclogging pores and diminishing oil, this mist contains ingredients such as willow bark, lavender & rosemary that work to purge oil & bacteria as well as reduce inflammation. it leaves your skin clean, clear and free of shine. use after cleansing and before applying your moisturizer
for makeup primer: smashbox photo finish priming mist
we love this product because it creates the perfect canvas for a flawless makeup application. use before applying your CC cream or foundation
for a dewy setting spray: tatcha luminous dewy skin mist
this product gives the perfect dewy glow when setting your makeup and bonus: it also hydrates the skin. we love to spritz it throughout the day to keep our makeup looking fresh and skin hydrated

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