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do you really need an eye cream?

whenever we do one-on-one skincare consultations we’re often asked “is an eye cream necessary”? many assume it’s merely a marketing ploy, which we’re the first to call out when that’s the case (shame on labels that read ‘use daily’ when it’s only meant to be used only once a week). however, using an eye cream is an absolute must for every routine

we’re always full disclosure and would be remiss not to mention that there isn’t an eye cream out there that will do for you what botox & filler will. even the best of its kind won’t erase wrinkles or make under-eye bags disappear, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to use one

why eye cream is an essential necessity and what you need to consider before selecting one…

the skin that surrounds your eyes is different from the rest of your face. the eyelids and under-eyes are the thinnest and most delicate skin on the entire body, making it the first area to show signs of aging. it’s also more prone to dryness than any other area of the face due to there being essentially no oil glands. thin and fragile skin also tends to be more reactive, so even if you don’t have sensitive skin anywhere else, it’s common for the eye area to become irritated when exposed to certain products or ingredients. And if that isn’t enough, because the skin is thin underneath the eyes, fluid retention appears more prominent AKA puffiness and dark circles

moral of the story: the skin around the eyes should not be treated the same as the rest of your skin, making eye an absolute essential. eye creams are formulated specifically for the delicate eye area, so they tend to be thicker and contain more oil than a regular moisturizer. the main purpose of eye cream is to provide hydration & restore the skin’s barrier. lack of moisture is what causes wrinkles and premature aging, and it’s also one of the reasons your concealer gets cakey and doesn’t layer properly

we suggest alternating between two eye creams: one for AM and one for PM…

AM: during the day, we recommend looking for an eye cream that contains antioxidants to help protect against free radical damage, ingredients like ceramides & hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and help prevent water loss, and peptides for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Brittany uses A.G.E eye complex and Rylie uses eye authority

*if you wake up with fluid retention/puffiness, we swear by our ice roller and hydropeptide’s eye mask for an instant pick-me-up*

PM: at night, we swear by dr. dennis gross ferulic + retinol eye cream. it helps retexture the skin and provide anti-aging benefits for younger-looking eyes. it’s also great for milia (those tiny bumps white under the skin a lot of us suffer from often caused by using too heavy of an eye cream). please note: any product that contains retinol must be used ONLY at night and UNDER the eye- not on brow bone or lid. back off if you experience redness or flakiness at any point

*no matter which eye cream you choose, you should always use with caution and discontinue immediately if you experience redness, irritation, or swelling*

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