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double cleansing

double cleansing is exactly what it sounds like: washing your face twice. what turned us onto trying it, is that it involves oil cleansing as the initial step before using your cleanser. and as you all know, we are diehard oil cleanser users…

the method has been used by korean women for centuries and here’s the reason behind it: oil cleansing not only breaks down dirt and makeup, but also penetrates deep into your pores, pulling out whatever impurities are trapped in your skin. remember: ‘oil dissolves oil’ aka ‘like dissolves like’. it’s also the most effective and gentlest way to remove your makeup, melting it away in seconds. so, by starting with this step, you allow your face wash to do its job much more effectively. oil cleansing creates a clean canvas for your cleanser to work with so that it can treat and target whatever issues your skin is dealing with.

bottom line- no matter what your skin type, you will certainly benefit from double cleansing. it not only ensures you’re getting a complete and thorough cleanse, but it will also help to make the the ingredients in your skincare regime much more effective.


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