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foolproof tricks and tips for applying sunless tanner

finding a sunless tanner that won’t leave you streaky or looking like an oompa loompa is no small feat. achieving a natural, bronzed glow (without damaging your skin) can be tricky as not all self-tanners are created equal. it’s all about finding the right shade for your complexion and knowing the proper application technique

to help ease your quest for the perfect bronze, we’ve broken it down by skin type and given you our best tips on how to apply…

fair skin: if you have fair skin, you want to start out slow so that you can determine how deep you’d like your tan to be. we recommend using a gradual self-tanner daily until you reach your desired shade. i (Brittany) am a big fan of this method for both face and body. i’ve been using tan luxe’s hyaluronic acid serum ‘Super Glow‘ for face and ‘The Butter‘ for body

medium skin: if you have an olive or warm complexion, we highly recommend tan luxe’s ‘The Face‘ and ‘The Body‘ illuminating self-tan drops in the medium-dark shade. ry’s been using this product for years and swears by the natural, bronzed glow it delivers

our foolproof tricks of the trade…

-always, always exfoliate (and shave) before you apply. we recommend dermaplaning and using the Dr. Dennis Gross body peel to prep

-be sure to always apply self-tanner post-shower to ensure your skin is free from moisturizer, deodorant, and antiperspirant before you begin

-when using ‘Super Glow’ for fair skin, apply as your last serum and wait 2 minutes before applying moisturizer. Brittany personally uses 4 drops (additional drops will increase depth and color) and recommends applying in this order: cleanse, tone, vitamin c serum, Super Glow, *wait to dry* and finish with your moisturizer + SPF. she finds the color is more even and less intense when applied in the morning rather than letting it develop overnight. you can cleanse and do your normal nighttime routine that evening

-when using ‘The Face’ for medium skin, mix 1-4 drops into your usual moisturizer and apply as normal. Rylie personally uses 2-3 drops (additional drops will increase depth and color) and recommends applying a few hours before bed in this order: cleanse, tone, HA serum, and finish with your regular moisturizer mixed with tan drops

-when using ‘The Butter’ for fair skin, apply in circular motions as you would regular lotion. be sure to apply this every day until you reach your desired color, then you can alternate days to maintain

-when using ‘The Body’ for medium skin, mix 2-6 drops per body part with your usual body lotion and apply to the skin in circular motions as you normally would. Rylie personally uses 3-4 drops per body part

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