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from the neck down

while we constantly talk about how we care for our face, we can’t neglect how we care for our bod. there’s nothing worse than seeing someone with a youthful face, but not the bod to match it. your hands, neck, knees, etc. can all be a dead giveaway for your age, so it’s crucial you’re taking care of your skin as a whole…

how we care for the bod…

dry brushing

we’ve been big fans of this for some time now, and trust us when we say it’s worth the extra mins

benefits include…

lymphatic drainage: dry brushing stimulates lymph flow, which helps flush out toxins and excess water from the bod. it also decreases bloating and helps improve digestion

exfoliation: one of the best ways to naturally exfoliate. it helps shed dead skin cells and unclog pores, giving you brighter, smoother skin

cellulite: we aren’t going to lie to you and act like this is the cure-all for those unsightly little dimples, but much like a deep tissue massage, it helps reduce the appearance by increasing circulation, which is good enough reason for us

circulation: increases blood flow, which promotes oxygen-rich blood, cell growth and organ function

how it’s done…

best done before showing. begin at your ankles using light but firm circular motions, always working towards the heart. after legs, brush your stomach, arms and shoulders. you can watch rylie demonstrate how it’s done here

sweet almond oil

it’s a mild, hypoallergenic oil that’s safe for all skin types, including baby skin! it’s full of antioxidants and known for protecting the skin against UV damage, as well as keeping it soft and supple. it’s rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc, as well as a number of other vitamins and minerals. it’s also a natural remedy for inflammation, itchiness and redness

how to use…

it’s light in texture and easy to apply on its own. however, we prefer to mix it in with our body lotion. apply post-shower while your skin is still damp and warm for optimal absorption
*we also love adding it to the bath. it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth afterwards*


body lotion

while it goes without saying, you should always slather your body with a quality moisturizer. as you age, your skin starts losing moisture, causing your protective barrier to weaken. when this happens, your skin becomes vulnerable to environmental damage and prone to premature aging and dryness. regular moisturizing helps maintain supple and healthy looking skin by repairing and replenishing whats been lost. by adding moisture back to the top layer of our skin, it becomes stronger and less reactive to outside elements. look for one packed with antioxidants and natural oils. pay extra attention to your elbows and knees

hand cream + SPF

your hands are the #1 age giveaway, so it’s imperative to always apply sunscreen to the backs of your hands in addition to using a good hand cream throughout the day. if you aren’t protecting those paws on the wheel, the sun will have its way with you over time. and don’t forget the importance of your nighttime routine. always apply a rich hand cream before bed to prevent brown/aging spots and loss of volume



we know how pesky those little lines can be. we encourage doing baby botox in the neck as well as having  skin rejuvenating treatment such as lasers and microneedling done. however, when it comes our neck skincare routine, we incorporate everything we use for our face, taking it all the way down to the décolleté- this includes, cleansing, serums, exfoliating, retinol, and moisturizer. remember, consistency is key

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