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HOP fights the flu the natural way

when it comes to skincare, we’ve always been open about the fact that we prefer science-based products over natural because they’re more results-driven. however, when it comes to our health, we’re all about natural remedies. since the season of sickness struck almost every member of the HOP team, we decided to compile our top tips & tricks for fast-tracking the flu

here’s the all-natural verdict….


this is hands down the number one way to manage your illness. your body needs to recover as it fights off this evilness. minimizing stress and fully giving in to your body’s need for extra zzz’s is of utmost importance. this is by far the hardest for us. turning off is easier said than done. we didn’t completely stop working, but we at least did it from the comfort of our bed


while on a let-loose trip to LA + Vegas, i went down. quick. my boyfriend ordered an IV to our hotel room, and you guys- this was the most impactful of all. after discussing my symptoms, a physician assistant concocted an IV of all the things my body was depleted of and needed. the hydration and life it gave me was almost instant. i did IV’s both days we were there, and will always resort to IV therapy when i’m ill


huge fans of this vitamin as it pertains to skin (read more on that here) AND very thankful that we take it when sickness strikes. zinc is known to shorten the length of colds if taken immediately at the onset of symptoms


this herbal treatment helps short-circuit flu symptoms by supplying the body with antioxidants and boosting its natural immune response. we all preferred taking gummies & tablets over syrup


another go-to for shortening the duration of a cold or the flu. the moment someone around me gets sick, i start upping my intake of this antioxidant powerhouse


this particular essential oil is highly effective in supporting the immune system and boosting health. there are several ways to get your fix. our favs: diffuse it/breathe it in, apply 1-2 drops to a teaspoon of honey, gargle one drop with water

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