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How I Got Rid of My Perioral Dermatitis Without Prescriptions

it started with a red, bumpy patch around my mouth and under my nose. as a rosacea sufferer, i’m very famliar with redness but this looked a little different. in addition to the redness, there were tiny white bumps around the patch and at times it was itchy. it was then that realized i wasn’t dealing with just rosacea but now had perioral dermatitis. yay!

what is Perioral Dermatitis?

an inflammatory rash that typically occurs around the mouth & nose but can also spread to other areas. it appears as small, red bumps that can be slightly scaly, itchy and uncomfortable. while it acts and looks very similar to rosacea, it is not a chronic condition and more like an allergic reaction. although the exact cause is unknown, there are several risk factors & triggers to be aware of…



how to treat

if you have rosacea, you’re already aware of avoiding triggers. perioral dermatitis works the same. everything from stress, diet and lack of sleep can all lead to this condition, so i’m sharing my step-by-step guide for how i got rid of perioral dermatitis and the common culprits to be aware of. spoiler: you’ll see a major difference after doing step 1 and 2



step 1: toss any fluoride toothpaste

studies have shown that adverse skin reactions can happen from the use of topical fluoride products such as toothpaste. I switched to a fluoride-free toothpaste and saw an immediate difference



step 2: start taking probiotics

having an imbalance in your gut can lead to external inflammation, which is why probiotics are a must. after 30 days of consistent use, my gut felt re-balanced and my skin was flare-up free



step 3: adjust your diet

it’s all about the greens as well as cutting back on fan favorites such as: alcohol, sugar, dairy, and processed foods. as much as i try to eat clean and organic, it’s unrealistic to say i don’t have my moments. therefore, i rely heavily on supplements to provide the nutrients i lack. in addition to probiotics, i’ve also added *Neem* to my routine. it’s one of the best ayurvedic herbs for skin health and has a strong antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. i truly credit this supplement for making my skin glow from the inside out




step 4: use an SPF with Zinc

SPF is paramount for every routine, but using the wrong type is a common culprit of this condition. we suggest switching to a mineral formula that contains zinc. it’s the safest and most effective UVA/UVB filter and won’t clog your pores or cause an allergic reaction. mineral sunscreen is not absorbed by the skin, but designed to sit on the surface to shield & protect you from those harmful rays



step 5: use fragrance-free skincare products

synthetic fragrance and essential oils can be very irritating, especially if you’re a sensitive skin type. it’s always best to go with fragrance-free, mild products when possible to prevent irritation & flareups



step 6: avoid harsh products

stripping the skin with harsh products and overly exfoliating can disrupt its protective barrier, making it susceptible and vulnerable to external irritants. you can supplement a weakened barrier by using an oil-based moisturizer to act as a protective layer over the skin. be sure to discontinue all use of exfoliating acids, retinoids, etc. during the healing process as it may worsen the condition



step 7: stop using topical steroid creams (including non-prescription hydrocortisone)

while this is not something i used personally, it’s one of the most common culprits. research shows that many cases develop soon after using topical steroids. it’s also important to note that if you’ve been using a topical steroid, the rash will worsen for several days before it gets better


while perioral dermatitis usually clears up on its own, if your condition is unmanageable and none of the above is helping, prescriptions such as oral or topical antibiotics might be your best option to clear as much as possible and then work on preventing for future

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