AKA seasonal affective disorder. whether it’s a mild case of winter blues or serious seasonal depression, most everyone is affected by those dark and cold winter months…

here are some tactics we use to keep our spirits high…

vitamin D supplements: aka the sunshine vitamin. when we aren’t able to get our fix the natural way, we rely on this supplement for a mood boost.

get active: we’re all aware that working out releases endorphins. when done on the reg, it helps reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and feelings of depression, and boost self esteem. what you do in winter months will show in summer, so do yourself a favor and get that bod bikini ready.

socialize: resit the urge to hibernate. being around people we enjoy releases oxytocin, a feel-good hormone. plus, winter wardrobes are actually quite chic.

organize: since you’re bound to spend more time indoors, this is a great opportunity to declutter and purge. clearing away the clutter has countless benefits for your health and wellbeing, so take advantage of your time spent at home.


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