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mastering blush

to blush, or not to blush: that is the question. while it might seem like such a simple task, it can easily make or break your look, causing many to steer clear of the application altogether. unfortunately, most of us were told all our life to apply blush to the apples of our cheeks while smiling, however, this is the BIGGEST mistake you can make. think about it… when you smile your cheeks go up, but once that smile drops, so does the blush. and when blush is too far down, it ages your face- never a good look

however, if you apply blush the right way, it’s a total game changer. blush warms up your complexion, makes you look younger & can even create the illusion of cheek bones. it all boils down to selecting the right shade for your skin tone, knowing where to apply, & not having a heavy hand

how to select the right shade…

fair skin: if you have fair skin, you want to look for baby pink/light pink shades as this is the natural shade your skin changes to when blushing. stay away from anything coral/peach as it can make the skin look orange

powder version: angelika by nars
cream version: glossier cloud paint in puff

medium skin: if your skin is naturally warm, you want to look for a peach/apricot shade. anything with orange undertones has the opposite effect on olive skin and will immediately enhance your complexion

powder version: torrid by nars
cream version: glossier cloud paint in beam or dusk

dark skin: you want to make sure you use something with enough pigment to actually show up on your skin. look for a blush with red or deep purple undertones

powder version: seduction by nars
cream version: glossier cloud paint in haze

universal shade for all skin tones: orgasm by nars

how to apply…

blush should go on the cheek bone, not the cheek. begin underneath your temples and apply a small amount of product (you can always build) tapping your brush as you move along the cheek bone. you want more pigment by your hairline and less as you go forward for a natural look. once your blush is applied, lightly swirl your brush around the applied area to blend

angled brushes are best if using a powder, otherwise stick to your fingers and beauty blender if using cream

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