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how to get your skin wedding ready

besides the dress, we would argue that skin is the most important wedding prep item to tackle. as the bride, all eyes are on you which makes looking and feeling your best high on the priority list. plus, all the pictures that will last a lifetime. we want to make sure you feel your most confident on your big day and the events leading up to it

to help you prepare, we mapped out our basic guideline (that of course can be tailored depending on how much time we have) to get your skin wedding-ready…

9-12 months out

now is the time to schedule consultations for any laser and injectable treatments you’re interested in. we’ll determine a treatment timeline in advance so that any downtime does not interfere with events like bridal showers, bachelorette, etc. if you’re interested in laser hair or sculptra (a favorite of ours), these treatments require multiple sessions and take time to see results so we want to make sure you get a head start on those. it’s also the perfect time to begin getting regular facials. whether your concerns are redness, acne, anti-aging, or all the above, we’ll narrow down a skincare routine that you should start now and can be altered as needed

3-6 months out

now is the time to begin your microneedling, photofacial and laser treatments. we recommend spacing these a month a part and doing a minimum series of 3 for best results. this is also the time to begin botox/dysport and filler injections. if you’re a first-timer to injectables, plan to start at the 6 month mark so that our injectors can get to know your facial anatomy and how it responds. we want to make sure we have enough time to tweak or add more if needed

4 to 6 weeks out

this is the perfect time to touch-up on injectable treatments as well as getting any treatment that requires downtime like microneedling. if you want a little more lip or a slight brow raise, 4-6 weeks is the best cushion before your big day

2 weeks out

at this point, it’s all about maintaining and having a mega glow. we recommend scheduling your last facial at this point with dermaplane to remove the vellus hair/peach fuzz for your close up. we would also potentially schedule a facetune laser (assuming it’s not your first one and you know your recovery time), which is our go-to treatment for event ready skin

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