Dallas, TX


3219 North Fitzhugh Ave 

(469) 571-3740


Mon-Wed. 10am – 7pm | Thur-Fri. 10am – 6pm 

Austin, TX


815 W 47th St Unit 100



Mon-Wed. 10am – 7pm | Thur-Fri. 10am – 6pm 


spa water: lemon + cucs + mint

click images below to shop spa water supplies…



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  1. Hi Kylie, you probably don’t remember me but we used to go to the same church with your mom and dad and you girls were real young. Anywho, it was such a blessing I saw your blog post your mom put on her wall about Oil cleansing. I have been praying for something that would work on my skin, I have dry sensitive skin and the products I had been using for years went and changed up the products and I couldn’t use it anymore. I bought the Jojoba oil and the micro fiber cloths and ” I absolutely love it and my skin is responding wonderful. Thank you girl so much. Number 1 followed of your blog!!!😆😆😆 Thanks again! Danna Anderson
    BTW..sent you a friend request on fb. Look forward to seeing more on your blog. Have a good one!

    1. Hi Danna !

      Rylie said she sent you a message, but wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support & love 🙂

      so very grateful for that



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