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how to save your complexion while flying

the low humidty of an airplane cabin literally sucks the moisture from your skin leaving you feeling dry, dull and dehydrated (no bueno). here’s a few tips on how to save your complexion while flying…

the night before you embark…

-use dr. dennis gross peel pads to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells for optimal product absorption

-follow with a hydrating mask (we like a snail sheet mask or skinceuticals phytocorrective mask)

while in transit….

-ideally, you should travel bare faced. flying with a full face of makeup is just as damaging as sleeping with makeup. it’s also a surefire way to clog pores. however, if you need coverage, swap a heavy foundation for a lighter cc cream or tinted moisturizer

-don’t spritz with a water facial spray as this will actually make your skin more dry once it evaporates

-avoid alcohol and caffeine while traveling as these can dry out your system

-keep your hands off your face. this is especially crucial on public transportation. the germs and bacteria that can get in your precious pores, ek. WET WIPE EVERYTHING and keep those paws off!

-always wear SPF containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. the windows don’t filter UV rays and you’re even closer the sun

once you land…

-make sure to double cleanse as soon as you get to your destination (oil cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser). next, apply a hydrating mask to replenish moisture that was lost followed by your normal routine

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