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ingrown hairs: causes & solutions

with swimsuit season in full swing, being well-groomed is of utmost importance. nothing should stand in the way of you wearing that high cut one-piece in a beautiful destination. unfortunately, ingrown hairs can completely ruin a cute bathing suit moment and instantly kill the vibe (pass the surrong)

ingrown’s occur when a strand (or more) of hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin, resulting in an irritating and unsightly red bump. if you haven’t opted for laser hair removal, which you should really consider, here are a few things to consider to help keep those ingrown at bay…

always shave with the grain first, then against: shaving against the grain is one of the main causes of ingrowns because it tugs at the hair before slicing through it, increasing your risk of razor bumps & ingrown hairs. while it does give you a close shave, it’s not the best way to start out

use the right tools/products: always use a fresh/sharp razor *especially for bikini area* next, clean the area using warm water to open pores and remove dirt & oils. then, apply a shaving product (we like to use coconut oil to soften the hairs and provide lubrication for the razor). let the oil penetrate for a minute or so before you begin

space out waxing appointments: waxing is a major culprit behind ingrowns. hair must be at least 1/4 inch long in order to wax, otherwise it won’t grip properly, causing it to break in half rather than being pulled from the root

24 hour rule: post-shaving/waxing your pores are open, making them vulnerable to infection. avoid heat and friction during this period such as working out, jacuzzis, etc

exfoliate: always exfoliate before you shave or wax. this will ensure a smoother situation

use an ingrown hair serum: this will help prevent, heal & suppress any inflammation. apply once a day, ideally post-shower while skin is still warm, so the ingredients can penetrate deep into pores


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