i jumped on the juicing bandwagon during the hype a few years ago and decided to invest in a juicer without knowing there are two VERY distinct types: cold-pressed and centrifugal. i chose the latter and even the name is a downer. let me explain so you don’t do the same…

centrifugal is your basic bitch, run-of-the-mill juicer. they’re extremely loud and the force from spinning separates juice from pulp causing your drink to look like split personalities. and because air gets in during the spinning process, you have to consume immediately for nutritional value.

on the flip side, cold-pressed juicers are everything centrifugal isn’t. they’re quiet, produce no froth or separation and are pressed instead of strained so no air is caught in the mix. when no air is involved, your juices can keep for a week. they also produce more juice! need i say more?

if you’re going to make the investment, make the right one with this gem…

 omega J8006 nutrition center juicer

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