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k-beauty: top 3

this isn’t new news as we’ve already dedicated a vid to our obsession with k-beauty here, but allow us to rehash why we dig this trend so much…

-ingredients are quality & at a fraction of the price you’d pay in the U.S.

-global leader in beauty and believed to be 7+ years ahead of the rest of the world

-constantly coming out with new innovations to stay ahead of the game

-strong emphasis on natural ingredients (Korean’s have been doing DIY long before pinterest made it popular)

-have you seen a korean woman with bad skin?

these three products are on heavy rotation…

deep moisturizing rich snail facial mask

this mask gives your skin life! instant. gratification. contains glycolic acid and collagen, which helps lift and rehydrate the skin.
we use it as often as possible (daily if we have the time)

how to use…
-apply after cleansing and sit with this bad boy until it becomes dry (20-30 mins) to allow it to really penetrate
-remove and gently pat & press the remaining product into the skin
-follow with moisturizer or oil

missha time revolution night repair serum

helps repair fine lines, lock in moisture and improve the skin’s lipid barrier. (i’ve been using this for 2 years now every.fucking.night. and swear by it)

how to use…
-apply after toner & essence
-follow with moisturizer

missha time revolution the first treatment essence

this has shown the most improvement in my skin when used on a daily basis. it’s an extra step, which takes some getting used to, but once you start incorporating into your routine you’ll never look back. it gives the skin an instant glow.

how to use…
-apply after cleansing & toning
-put into hands and press & pat into the skin (helps improve absorption better than a cotton pad would)

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