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the key to perfect skin

when it comes to having a flawless complexion, you’re at the mercy of your skin’s pH. the human skin is naturally acidic (around 5.5). however, when your pH gets thrown off due to harsh products and becomes alkaline (above 7), it can cause everything from acne, to wrinkles, dry skin, etc. the goal is to keep your skin’s pH at a happy-medium by using the right products

acids that help keep your pH even-keeled…

AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids): you’ll know when you’ve found one because it should tingle when applied. they work by shedding off the top layer of dead skin cells that stop shedding naturally as we age, helping improve overall tone & texture. (we use these pads every other day)

vitamin C (absorbic acid): one of the most powerful antioxidants when it comes to anti-aging and maintaining clear skin. it not only fights free radicals, but also comes to your skin’s rescue when too much oil is produced. if you have oily skin, this is a must. we love combining with ferulic acid (see below)

ferulic acid: an antioxidant that enhances the performance of other antioxidants, particularly vitamins C & E and has proven to double their effectiveness when combined. (CE Ferulic is our holy grail item we can’t say enough about)

hyaluranoic acid: a powerful moisture-binding acid that restores and replenishes the skin. it helps keep the skin balanced as we age and start losing moisture. (use on top of CE Ferulic or any other antioxidant serum you use)

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