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layering skin care

the more you layer, the more potent the ingredients become, but the order in which you layer is key. when products are layered incorrectly, it can lead to clogged pores, lack of absorption, irritation etc. so, before playing mixologist with your next skin care regime, there are a few rules to keep in mind….

always remember, your skin needs approx. 28 days to really be able to evaluate the benefits of a new product, so stay patient. however, if you’re experiencing irritation, it’s time to 86 it altogether.

when layering in the right way, miracles happen…


-the rule of thumb is to always apply thinnest to thickest. once your face has been cleansed, begin by spritzing on a toner to help neutralize the skin and then start with your lightest serum

-we swear buy our holy grail CE Ferulic serum (containing vitamin C, one of natures most powerful anti-oxidants) every morning layered under a hyaluronic acid serum (for hydrating and plumping)

-targeted products such as spot treatments or brightening agents can be applied post-serum

-follow w/ eye cream + moisturizer

-when using face oils, save them for last as they create a barrier on top of the skin to seal & lock in ingredients

-if using retinol, if your skin becomes too sensitive, back off


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  1. Really enjoy reading your blog,I am a huge believer in skincare and always making sure my skin is clean,clear and healthy!! I will be sure to follow up for more skincare benefits.

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