Categories: treatments

by houseofpreservation


Categories: treatments

by houseofpreservation


many would argue that one of the first things you notice on someone’s face is their nose. after all, it is front and center. a flaw in your nose can be cute and add character or be considered your greatest insecurity. if it’s the latter, you may be intrigued by the idea of a nose job sans-surgery. you’ve probably seen your fair share of before and afters on instagram, showing hyaluronic acid filler being injected into the nose to temporarily alter its shape. it’s often advertised as quick and easy, but this is not a treatment to be taken lightly. yes, the results can be a game changer, but they can also go seriously wrong if not done properly by an experienced professional

we’re picking the brain of, Courtney Dunavant, a physician’s assistant with over 12 years of plastic surgery and injecting experience…

Q: we’ve seen INSANE results in-person and online of liquid rhinoplasties that could easily be mistaken for the real deal. about how long do they typically last?

A: it depends on the type of filler being used. if using a cross-linked hyaluronic acid type filler like Voluma, which is more durable and will stay in place, the results should last a year. in some cases, results can last even longer, but it depends on the patient

Q: what is the average cost and downtime for this type of procedure?

A: average cost is $800. a patient can expect to be slightly swollen and a little sore following the procedure, which will typically last 2-5 days. bruising rarely occurs, but can easily be covered with makeup after day 4 or 5

Q: how do you know if you’re a candidate?

A: you need to meet with an injector to discuss your nasal structure and goals to fully determine your candidacy, but in general, individuals with  a low radix (where the nose meets the forehead), a dorsal hump, or inadequate tip projection are great candidates

Q: what risks should you be aware of?

A: a liquid rhinoplasty is probably the riskiest injection performed due to the risk of compromising blood supply of the nose with filler, which can lead to skin necrosis (death of tissue) and subsequent disfigurement

Q: what would be your number one piece of advice for someone considering this procedure?

A: know your injector and their supervising MD. set goals with your injector so that all parties are on the same page in terms of expectations

we love you. thank you for your time! (that is not a question, just a statement)

we will be doing more Q & A’s in the future- feel free to comment with any injectable topics you would like us to cover next time. X


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