Categories: beauty

by houseofpreservation


Categories: beauty

by houseofpreservation


with so many different makeup brushes to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth investing in. trying to put a staple collection together can be overwhelming, so we don’t judge you for using your mac 239 to apply concealer (but stop)

makeup brushes are designed to target certain areas of the face, so if you choose one that’s the wrong size or shape, the product won’t be applied to the sweet spots. bottom line: you don’t need to become a brush hoarder, you just need to know the right brushes to collect and how to use them

here are our favorite must-have basics…


powder brush (can also double for bronzer) – evenly distributes loose particles across your face in a light, non-concentrated manner so that it won’t smudge your foundation or cc cream

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angled blush brush (can also be used for contouring cheeks) – begin underneath your temples and apply a small amount of product (you can always build), tapping as you move along the cheek bone. you want more pigment by your hair line and less as you move forward for a natural look

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fan brush – a gentle tool for applying your highlighter or illuminator to cheekbones. it’s also great for cleanup and will fan away excess product without leaving traces in its wake

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concealer brush (followed by your beauty blender for a seamless finish) – use brush to pat concealer under the eyes, over blemishes and around your nose to create an even, smooth finish
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eye shadow blending brush – we love this brush. it’s perfect for blending color into the crease of the eye in a back-and-forth, windshield wiper motion

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all-over eye shadow brush – this brush quickly and evenly applies shadow across the entire eyelid for a smooth, flawless look. we also use it to layer color

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eye shadow smudge brush – we love using this brush in lieu of eyeliner to apply shadow across the bottom lash line. you can also use it to soften harsh eyeliner and it’s great for creating the perfect smokey eye

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