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oxygen isn’t just for survival, it’s also the key element for maintaining radiant, clear skin. when your pores become clogged with dirt and debris, the amount of oxygen in your skin is significantly reduced, causing bacteria to multiply. when this happens, your immune system responds with inflammation, leading to redness and swelling. however, in an oxygen-rich environment, bacteria and fungal infections cannot survive. oxygen stops bacteria from growing, is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and stimulates your body’s natural healing function…

acne relies on a low oxygen environment to thrive and because blood is what delivers oxygen to your skin cells, it’s crucial you’re taking the right steps to help increase circulation in the body

when it comes to getting our oxygen fix, here’s what we rely on…

exercise: stagnation and poor circulation are the main contributors to having low oxygen levels, so take time to get your body and muscles moving to help increase blood flow

drink lots of water: water is made up of oxygen, so by increasing your water intake, you’re increasing the amount of oxygen in your body

incorporate liquid oxygen drops: they help to increase oxygen levels in the body, giving you more energy

take niacin (vitamin B3): if you suffer from poor circulation (cold hands and feet as well as tingling are all signs), it’s paramount you take a supplement to help increase blood flow. niacin helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and improve circulation

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