for people who hate foundation

we all could use a little (or a lot) of coverage when it comes to making up our faces, but if a natural look is your goal, the wrong foundation can seriously blow your cover… thinking back to my teen years when applying makeup was mostly trial & error, I cringe at the thought of that orange line that undoubtedly made its debut on my jaw more times than I care to admit. while understanding how to color match and find the correct shade is a good way to start, the struggle to find the right consistency can be daunting. foundation has always made my skin appear cakey & muddy, making me feel a lot like cinderella when the clock struck midnight rather than the belle of the ball.

fast forward to present time where i’ve discovered what products give my skin the right consistency so that it appears natural, dewy & fresh, while also making it seem like i didn’t spend an obnoxious amount of time getting ready.

since finding the below products, we’ve never looked back…

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